Welcome to @rcane H@ven!

Let me tell you a bit about why I started this site.
I have been writing alot recently and due to most websites restricting the content they allow you to post I found that my story had been deleted, After looking at some other websites I couldn't find one to best display my story how I wanted it. Not only that but sifting through the reply posts in order to find the chapters was driving me insane.
So I came up with this, a simple clean and easy to use site for not only me but for lovers of both writing and reading, And it isn't rescrictive to one Genre.
You can post Fan Fiction, short stories, Non Fiction (providing it is your own), Poems or songs...or anything!

At the moment The H@ven is lacking in content, this is obviously because I need YOUR stories to fill it up.
Take a look around and feel free to drop me an email if you have any suggestions or comments for me =)

                               Thanks for visiting, Peace and Love
                                                                                 @rcane <3